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OGJunkyard's Stream Setup - Part 1: Intro

Have you ever wondered what a streamer’s setup looks like? What microphone did they buy? What camera do they use? Why is it ALL so clean?

Introduction to Voicemeeter with a Banana

What is Voicemeeter Banana

Introduction to Mixing Audio - How to not sound like a Dial Up Modem

What is audio mixing? Is it helpful or a hindrance? What are my options for mixing audio and how much does it cost?

How to use an iPhone as a webcam (EpocCam Review)

After moving into a new place with my girlfriend and COVID-19 restrictions hit, we both found ourselves needing webcams to use for our day job. As a streamer, I had...

What kind of music can I stream?

DMCA - What is it? Why is it bad? How do we avoid it? Plus DMCA Safe Music!

Introducing the Library by StreamSounds

Hey folks, OGJunkyard here.