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Introducing the Library by StreamSounds

Introducing the Library by StreamSounds

Hey folks, OGJunkyard here.

I wanted to take a moment and give you the backstory behind the Library by StreamSounds. I also wanted to tell you why I thought it would help the Twitch community. I ALSO wanted to tell you why I’m doing this, because I think transparency, openness, and honesty are important. So, this will be broken into three parts:

  • The Backstory behind the Library by StreamSounds
  • Why this will be helpful to streamers
  • OGJunkyard’s motivations and his promise to you

The Backstory behind the Library by StreamSounds

I had been streaming on Twitch for two years solidly when I got the idea to post helpful content about what I learned about streaming without any strings attached. So, I started looking around the communities I was a part of, the people I was following on various websites, and looking at their content while thinking to myself, “How useful is this actually? Can I actually reproduce these results myself?” I had also started a company called StreamSounds and thought this could be a good way to put value out into the world to start getting some traction and eyeballs on what StreamSounds offered, while also setting StreamSounds up for success when the product that I wanted to launch came out of alpha/beta.

I started talking to one of my regular viewers, FlavCreations, who has been very helpful in my stream and in another community we are both a part of called Infinite Quality. He ended up liking the idea, so we decided to try to come up with a way to share our ideas. I pitched Flav the idea of putting out content that could be proven and repeatable, which he seemed to like, so we decided to give it a shot.

Flav and I kicked around a handful of ideas what to call this. We thought the terms “school” or “university” was a bit too formal, as if we were trying to provide full-blown courses. Flav came up with the idea for a “library” of content, on the basis of people giving information and books in a shared communal environment. I thought it was a great idea, so here we are.

Why this will be helpful to streamers

Let’s talk about why we believe the Library by StreamSounds will be helpful to the streaming community at large.

Our primary goal with the Library is to give you good advice and resources that you can implement, think about, rely on, and trust. We want to first and foremost be helpful to you, a streamer and/or content creator. We want you to be a more successful streamer at the end of the day AND we understand that success looks different for everyone who streams. Just so we are on the same page, here’s what success might look like for some people:

  • Success for one person is having a lot of people watch them.
  • Success for another person might be making a living through content creation.
  • Success for a third person might be exploring technology and seeing if they can bring their ideas to life through streaming.
  • Success for someone in our final example might just be streaming as a way to destress after a long day’s work.

Here’s how we want to engage with the streamer community at large through the Library by StreamSounds:

  1. We will do our best to “prove out” content on the Library by StreamSounds. We will pass it through review amongst ourselves, we’ll do our best to poke holes in the content up for review to flesh it out the best we can, and we’ll try to answer the questions that come up by the community. Our content will not be perfect, but we’re giving you a handshake agreement that we’ll try our best.
  2. Content may change over time as our understanding of the topic changes. Something that may be valid at one point may change or become useless or even detrimental later. Circumstances evolve, companies bring out new products and shut down others, governments tweak laws, and the only constant in life is change.
  3. We will accept content from the community and actively encourage your input, feedback, advice, opinions, and content. We have not yet come up with a way for the community to contribute yet, but we’ll do this our best to get this out in a reasonable way. There’s no guarantee that something will be accepted right away or at all, however, as it may not be up to the standards we want to hold for a variety of reasons (such as not thorough enough, too fragmented of an idea, etc.).
  4. We may make money off this content through things like affiliate links or sponsorships, but that’s not the driving goal behind this site. When we do make money, we will explicitly call it out and make sure you are aware of it.
  5. We will do our best to put every piece of content through rigorous review and scrutiny. We want each piece of content to be the best piece of content about that topic that we can come up with.
  6. There are no guarantees of success on this website. There will not be guarantees of success either. We understand that not everyone approaches streaming the same way. Something that works well for one person may not be usable by another person. At the end of the day, just because you implement something you found on the Library by StreamSounds does not mean it will work for you in the way you expected or at all. Think of the content that gets put out here as friend-to-friend advice.
  7. We will do our best to give fair and honest reviews, advice, and help about products, services, and tools that we find and use in the service of streaming. If we think an offering is the best in class, we will say that. If we think it comes up short in an area, we will say that too.
  8. In a situation where we are comparing products or services, StreamSounds (the product/service) will not be included in the comparison as that would be a conflict of interest. There is no way this situation would ever be considered a fair comparison by the broader community, so we want to call it out ahead of time as one of our commitments to you.

OGJunkyard’s motivations and his promise to you

I know I’ve mentioned it already, but I want to be explicitly clear about what I’m looking to do with the Library by StreamSounds. I want to put the best advice that we can come up in the streaming/Twitch community in one place. I also want to raise the profile of StreamSounds (the company and product/service) within the streaming community.

I want the Library by StreamSounds to be a place where you get information and advice that you can trust. I want you to look at the content in the Library as something that has been tested and validated. We’ll do our best to call a spade a spade, so to speak. We’ll also do our best to steer clear of conflicts of interest, but understand that we may make mistakes from time to time. If you see something as an issue or want to provide feedback about something, please reach out to us.